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At Vamp we pride ourselves on pampering you while making you look and feel your best with the healthiest hair possible. Extensions are 'kind of our thing" and because of this we want to make sure we choose the absolute safest extension application method for your hair.

We use 2 methods for this, individual strand-by-strand connections and tape-in panels. The hair used is the highest quality remy cuticle hair and is available in an assortment of shades and textures. The 100% human hair has been treated to hold in moisture and maintain shine and color. Lindsay is a certified regional educator for PerfecTress and is able to help select the best method for each individual client.

Our individual connections are the safest strand-by-strand application method on the market in our opinion. There is no heat, glue or solvents used during the application or removal process. The hair can be used for up to 9 months. 6-8 week maintenance is required. 

The tape-in hair is sewn onto a small, thin weft and uses a medical grade adhesive that is easily removed from your natural hair with no gunky residue. The hair can be reused for up to one year. 6-8 week maintenance is needed to re-tape and re-position the extensions. 

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All extension services include the cost of the hair, installation, basic blending with your natural hair, as well as Davines shampoo and conditioner recommended by your stylist. the individuals include a brush.

Consultation - $50
(this amount is waived if you order your extensions the day of your consultation)



10" hair  $650
14" hair $925
18" hair $1250
22" hair $1700

6-8 week maintenance  $250

Removal $150



10" hair $375
14" hair $450
18" hair $550



6-8 maintenance/repositioning  $150

Removal $75





14" hair $1325
18" hair $1525
22" hair $2075

6-8 week tightening $150

Refitting $375  /  Removal $150



14" hair $600
18" hair $700



6-8 week tightening $75

Refitting $150  /  Removal $75

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How much do extensions cost?

Quality extensions are an investment. We use only the best hair with the safest application methods for each individual client. We have an extension menu with our standard pricing, but it is possible for the cost to vary based on individual needs. Exact cost will be determined in your initial consultation. 


Can I have extensions put in the same day as my consultation?

Extensions are a customized service for each client. We must first color match you and determine the length and amount needed to order. A 50% deposit is required to order your hair. They hair can be delivered in as soon as 1-5 days depending on time ordered and shipping method selected. At that time you would schedule your appointment for installation. 


How long will my extensions last?

This quality hair can last up to 9 months The actual length of wear is determined by the level of care given to the extensions. Your stylist will educate you on the best products and home care tips to maintain your extensions. 

What type of maintenance is required?

We recommend that you come in every 6-8 weeks to have them tightened or refitted. Your stylist will recommend a regular schedule for you. The closer you adhere to your schedule the healthier your natural hair will stay. We can not guarantee the length of time your extensions will last if your to not follow the schedule we recommend you. 

Can I color and highlight my natural hair with extensions in?
Yes. Your natural hair above the extensions can be safely colored with permanent color. You may also receive a gloss on your natural hair and the extension. Highlights can be done in between your extensions or any where that they are not placed. Never see a stylist for color who isn't familiar working with extensions. We can not guarantee our work if you see another stylist for your color.

Can I curl or flat iron my hair?
Yes, we recommend you using salon quality hot tools that have a temperature dial on them. We suggest you keep your irons between 300-360 degrees and your hair dryer on a medium heat setting. 

Can I swim in my extensions?
Yes, you can swim, work out and maintain a normal active lifestyle while wearing extensions. Try to stay out of water with harsh chemicals that could discolor not only your extensions but your natural hair. Especially if you are blonde, remember, chlorine is not your friend. Be sure to follow our at home care tips.

What products should I use?
The extensions do not receive the same vitamins, nutrients, and oils as your natural hair, so it's necessary to use top quality products to protect your investment. Your stylist will recommend a product regimen to use on a regular basis. 

How long do extensions take?
In general, a full head of tape-in extensions takes about 1.5 hours to install and individual connections take about 3 hours. Maintenance appointments for tape-ins take about 2 hours and for individuals it takes around 1.5 hours. For volumizing services the time is usually cut half. 

Will I be able to feel the extensions?
For the first week they may feel uncomfortable or tight. This is normal. You are not used to wearing extra hair. The extensions should lay flat against your scalp and after a short period of time wearing them, they will have a much more natural feel. 


home care

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  • Never go to bed with your hair wet at the root. This can cause tangling and mildewing in the connections. 
  • Use the brush provided or recommend to you. Use a wide tooth comb or wetbrush on the mid-shaft and ends of your hair but not on the connections. Try to brush them gently and use as little tension as possible. 
  • Sleep with your hair in a low loose side braid
  • If you have tape-ins we suggest you do not wear a high pony tail
  • Use nourishing and moisturizing products. Do not use products heavy in silicone, alcohol or keratin. Follow your stylist's product recommendations.  
  • If you swim in a pool, rinse your hair immediately after and apply in a leave in conditioner or moisturizing product as recommended by your stylist. 
  • If you are flying, be aware that your extensions will ssan when going through TSA check points. They may ask about them so we advise you allot a few extra minutes for traveling. 
  • If you are having surgery, an MRI or giving birth, your doctor will most likely ask you to have your extensions removed. 
  • If you have any extensions come out in between visits, save them to bring to your next appointment. They can easily be reinstalled. 
  • You may require additional filler hair throughout the life of your extensions. Your stylist will advise you of the cost per strand if this is required. 

*To book your consultation, click the button below, scroll to the "extensions" section and select "consultation"

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